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Displaying Images in your Posts *UPDATED*

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Joined: 16 Nov 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 10:24 am    Post subject: Displaying Images in your Posts *UPDATED* Reply with quote


Firstly, my appologies if this is too basic or too complicated... everyone has different levels of experience Smile

There is now two methods for including images in your posts: the 'Easy' way, and the 'Longer' way. The update is this: I've modified the forum software so that it can now accpet direct attachment of images, documents, compressed files and so forth to individual posts. These are attachments to your post and therefore will only appear at the very bottom of your post, below all the text. If you want your image inline with the text (i.e. text, then an image, then more text) then you'll need to use the 'Longer' way.


You'll see a new set of boxes at the bottom of each posting window when you start a new post, edit an old post, or reply to someone else's post. It will now say "Add an Attachment". You can simply click the 'Browse' button and it will ask you for the file you want to attach. You can add a comment in the box if you wish, but it's not required. Once you've chosen your file, you can add further images (or other files) by clicking the 'Add Attachment' button. Once you have the attachments you want, then you can press the 'Submit' button just as you normally would for any other post, and you're done! You'll see your image at the bottom of your post.

Why would you use 'the longer way' listed below? Basically, as mentioned previously, you can have your images formatted the way you want in your post. You can put them inline with the text so that you can have text, then an image, then more text etc. This isn't possible with standard attachments.


Firstly, don't be discouraged by this long description, and the fact that I've called this the 'Longer' way. It's actually not that complicated, but it does take a little more time than the method listed above.

If you want to post a picture inline with your text, rather than as an attachment, then you need to have it hosted somewhere on the web. There's plenty of sites that will allow you to do it, such as ImageShack http://imageshack.us/ etc.

Once you have your photo hosted, and you can view it on your host's site, then you need to copy the address of your image. If you've hosted it at imageshack, then it will be something like:


Now you are ready to include it in your message. If you're familiar with HTML, then you can just add HTML tags to your post. If you're not, then read on:

Start posting your message just as you would do for a normal post. You may have noticed a set of nine buttons on the posting form, just below the 'Subject' entry box. These buttons are marked like this:

[ B ] [ i ] [ u ] [ Quote ] [ Code ] [ List ] [ List= ] [ Img ] [ URL ]

These buttons will insert characters into your post that give instructions to our forum on how your message should be displayed. Basically, they're formatting instructions that are read by the forum, but not displayed as-is. They change the way your post is displayed. It's similar to HTML tags, for those that are familiar with them (it doesn't matter if you're not). These are called 'BBCode tags', or just 'tags'. Usually, you surround the text you want to format, or the link you want to paste, or the link to the image you want to show, with two tags - an 'opening' tag, and a 'closing' tag. This tells the forum when you want to start and end your formatting.

For example, when you press the 'Img' button, you will see that this text is pasted into your message text, right at the bottom:


That's the opening tag. It's saying to the form "I'm about to post a link to an image". When you press the button again, you'll see this pasted:


That's the closing tag. That lets the forum know that it's reached the end of the text that defines the link to your image. What the forum wants you to to do is put a link to your image in between the two tags. So you can press the Img button once, and it will paste the first tag, then you paste your link, then you press the "Img" button a second time to close the tag.

So, once you're done, you should see something in your message posting box that looks similar to this (the link will be different for your posts, of course!):


[img] http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/9550/binderfj7.jpg [/img]

Remember, that won't be displayed in your final message, because the tags are just instructions to the forum. Instead, the forum will interpret those tags, fetch your image, and place it in the message. This happens automatically when you press the 'Submit' button to send in your post. You can check whether you've done it all correctly by pressing the 'Preview' button at the bottom of the message posting window. Once you're sure it's OK, just press 'Submit' the same as you normally would for any other post.

Using the example above, this is what will happen in the final post, when you use the code exactly as it's displayed above. See that there's no tags displayed, just the image listed in the link between the tags:

So that's it... you're done!

As an aside:

You can do the same thing as you do for the 'Img' button for all the other buttons. 'B' for bold, 'i' for italic, 'u' for underline etc. Also, If you want a smiley, just click it from the panel on the right, or do a normal smiley made out of a colon and a bracket etc and the forum will convert it for you automatically. It also converts links automatically if you put 'http' in front of them.

Let me know if you don't know what I'm talking about and I'll explain a little more.



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Joined: 16 Nov 2007
Posts: 130
Location: Melbourne, Australia

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 12:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So that you can compare the two posting methods, here is an example of the same image above, but posted as an attachment. You can see that the image appears at the bottom of the post in a box rather than in the text. You can attach multiple files.

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